MXR Pre-Release Beta Now
Available on Steam and the Epic Game Store

The MXR, a groundbreaking 3D software tool that empowers creators to craft awe-inspiring live event content, virtual productions, and captivating XR experiences. Developed by the boutique studio &Pull, MXR has been meticulously honed over two years and is now available for private beta access. With its scalable capabilities, MXR seamlessly tailors audio-visual wonders—from native 3D rendering for traditional 2D displays to immersive XR engagements. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or an aspiring visionary, MXR invites you to redefine the boundaries of creativity and elevate your audience’s experience Welcome to the future of visual storytelling! 🚀🎨🌟

Rapidly create amazing content for PreViz, 2D content, Virtual Production and XR

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Beta 1.2 Release Notes:

- Improved HDRI background renderingUI:Updated Environment Icons
- Improved HDRI background renderingUI:Updated Environment Icons
- Improved Asset Thumbnails
- Improved UI responsiveness
- Users can now right click on a node indicator to select a different node
- Node Indicator in Details now shows the selected node number

New Features
- New Rotation Tool
- Refactored Content Library
- Post Processing Materials
- Materials are filtered and presented according to their Domains

Added 6 New Asset Packs
- Construction Objects Vol 1 and 2
- Dynamic FX Shapes Vol 1 and 2
- Animated female character
- Portal FX Pack

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