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&Pull is a boutique production company focused on innovation in the entertainment industry. Are you a talented techstar with a passion for music? We'd love to chat!



We’re looking for gamers and music lovers to help us create a music driven experience. This role will focus on creating the frontend interface and drive complex interactions using blueprints. We are crafting a new standard for music interaction using the latest UE5 tools and need your help.

- UMG experience and proficiency a must
- UE4/UE5 proficiency
- Have a portfolio that demonstrates UI knowledge in Unreal Engine
- Design skills a plus
- Understand Niagara particle systems and how to manipulate using variables
- Experience using material and shaders to create dynamic effects at runtime
- Solid organizational skills to create a consistent framework within the UMG workflow

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MID LEVEL UE4 DEV (Contract)

- Experience working with assets and animated files from 3D suites like Maya, C4D, etc
- Experience optimizing assets for real-time
- Proficiency with Sequencer 
- AR and Virtual Production experience a plus

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