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Coachella Island: Building
For & With Future Fans

Coachella... In Fortnite?? It couldn’t be.. Oh, but it is. This past weekend saw the unexpected unveiling of Coachella Island, a groundbreaking collaboration between Coachella and Epic Games.

Our goal was to introduce the #1 festival in the world to the next generation of fans, and what better way to do so than by building an entire island in Fortnite. Coachella Island featured a meticulously crafted in-game adaptation of the famous festival experiences. Yes, this includes the music!

The Making of Coachella Island

Coachella tapped &Pull to co-manage the production of Coachella Island with Epic Games, Robot and Alliance Studios.

Unique In-Game Experiences

Coachella Island isn’t just something to see; it offers a range of gamified and interactive experiences designed to engage with and entertain the next generation of Coachella-goers. In game, fans can experience some of the famous staples our crowds have come to love including Spectra, ferris wheel, the balloon chain, and custom annual mega art installations. The cool thing about building in a customizable ecosystem like Fornite is that in addition to the Coachella experiences people already know about, we were able to create exclusive experiences just for our fans at home. On Coachella island, you’ll find games, challenges, and easter eggs exclusive to Fortnite. You’re even able to jam out to a curated soundtrack including hits like Shelter by 2023 main stage artist, Porter Robinson.Some unique in game experiences that we built include the Mirage Time Warp minigame where fans speedrun past iconic Coachella moments from history.

There’s also a team-vs-team dance battle that players can play with friends. Also, players can purchase Coachella-inspired outfits and in-game items at the virtual merch tent.IV. Next Gen AwarenessCoachella's strategic partnership with Fortnite showcases its commitment to recruiting the next generation of festival attendees into the Coachella Camp (Pun Intended). By bringing a virtual version of the festival to Fortnite, a gaming platform already beloved by tens of millions of young people, Coachella is hoping to build positive associations with future festival-goers. Our goal is that when the time comes for fans to decide where they want to experience their favorite artists, the magic of Coachella is inescapable.

Coachella Island's Impact on the Future of Live Events

Coachella Island will set a new precedent for virtual experiences in the live events world. As the line between the physical and digital world continues to blur, more and more consumer-facing brands will continue to find ways to show up where their audience lives. This movement offers a ton of opportunity for early movers.

Like any new creative medium that has attention, some will gain valuable market share while others debate if they should make the leap. It will be important for brands to do their homework on how they should show up in Fortnite Creator Mode so the native audience welcomes them with open arms. There is always a risk of coming across as tone deaf if brands don’t properly  contextualize their presence in these new spaces.

It’s a similar concept to social media, every platform is nuanced and the brands that win are the ones who will figure out how to play the game at hand. Helping brands navigate these moments is something that &Pull specializes in. Coachella launched Fortnite Island and their Live AR program, reaching an audience of millions around the world and receiving raving reviews.

Coachella Island represents a big next step for live events, showcasing how in-person events can be adapted for remote audiences around the world.  We're quite literally building the bridge between the physical and digital realms. As &Pull continues to push the boundaries of innovation, we'll keep working with world-class brands to execute successful strategies, ensuring they're at the forefront as the live entertainment industry evolves.

Interested to learn more? Reach out and say hi! sam@andpull.com. Let's find time to connect.