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MXR takes the stage for the first time at Mutek Tokyo with Mawari and Hiroaki Umeda

The previous bounds for XR content creation are no more. &Pull, in collaboration with the visionary artist Hiroaki Umeda and our cloud rendering partner Mawari, is proud to present a groundbreaking XR experience that redefines the art of visual storytelling. Join us as we explore the transformative power of MXR ("Mixer"), a revolutionary creator tool designed to make 3D and XR content creation accessible to all.
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Redefining XR Content CreationTraditionally, the world of XR content creation was reserved for those with deep pockets and immense technical expertise. It was a realm where only the biggest stages could harness the power of immersive experiences. As the producers behind Coachella Music Festival’s multi-year Broadcast AR program, we can speak with confidence that producing XR content at scale is a bespoke, costly adventure. To break free from the creative chains we built MXR. Born out of a desire to democratize XR content creation, MXR offers a pro, yet user-friendly, no-code platform.

An environment that empowers creators to bring their imaginative visions to life.MXR breaks down barriers, making XR content creation faster, more affordable, and accessible to all from hobbyists to Hollywood, all without compromising on quality.

Artists, musicians, and content creators can now craft 3D and XR experiences that rival the most elaborate productions without needing to write a single line of code. Hiroaki Umeda: Bridging Art and Technology To demonstrate the versatility of MXR, &Pull has teamed up with the renowned artist Hiroaki Umeda, known for his immersive style of dance.

Together, we're taking the art of dance and immersion to an entirely new level. This collaboration, being showcased during Hiroaki Umeda's 'Assimilating XR' at Mutek in Tokyo Japan, pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the world of visual arts.

XR is still a nascent field, but with tools like MXR, these experiences will soon be available out-of-the box as turn-key solutions.